Sunday, September 21, 2008

"The Pen is Mightier than the Sword" - Donnie Wahlberg

I haven't been blogging as much as I used to, I know. I'm sitting here, in my kitchen, online, cooking, reading concert reviews, and I'm crying. Everything that's going on right now is overwhelming for me. I'm going broke, I'm in desperate need of a roommate, I don't have money to buy groceries anymore, and I'm crying for joy. Is that weird? Naw, I don't think so.

The NKOTB tour concerts started 4 days ago. After all these months of dealing with the music critics who are bashing my heroes, I'm finally at a point where I don't need to reply anymore. Why? Well, because I no longer need to defend them. Because I no longer have to pull out my pen and fight their swords. I no longer have to send in my 2000 character max. essays and make my points heard. I don't have to do this because most of the reviews are no longer negative. They have great words to say about NKOTB's concert and I am so proud of them for getting to this point.

Just imagine. A year ago, this would have been a parody, a fantasy, an impossibility. But here we are, today, having actually traveled back in time to 1989 and thousands of people experiencing what we all thought to be the impossible. There are tons of commercials on TV making empty promises to make you look younger or to erase away the wrinkles on your face. What I'm wondering is, what product out there can make you act & feel younger physically, emotionally, and mentally?? Besides having a younger boyfriend, I mean. For most of us Blockheads, this is it. These NKOTB concerts we are attending are the best selling product of ALL. So many of us have reverted back to our youthful childhood selves that there is no tangible & comparable product out there to bring us to this state of euphoria.

In honor of the (hopeful) end to my NKOTB defense crusade, here is the continuation/remainder of my opinionated voice:

6/10/08 Glossip: NKOTB? More Like OPOTT, kwim?

You can correct me if I’m wrong but are you sure New Kids on the Block really has anything to do with their age? Cuz seriously, I always thought it was just a name. *shrug* If that’s the case, Kid Rock should change his name too because he is neither a kid nor a rock. And all those sports teams? They should all just be names like “The Boston People” or “The LA Sports Participants”. Yah, good theory.

Comment by Ava — June 10, 2008 @ 10:13 pm

Man, calm down, k. It’s not that serious. I see them more as a pop band. Boy band? Nah. I hate that term. Either way, they’re just here to have a good time and the fans are having a GREAT time. This reunion is for the fans, not the haters. They’ve missed them for 15 years, for god’s sake! Why rain on their parade? Just be cool.

Comment by Ava — June 17, 2008 @ 3:43 am

6/11/08 Pink Sheep of the Family: New Kids on the Block are Back!

Actually, let me help you out there. This song is a homage to their fans. The subtext is that they are talking about the special relationship they have with their fans. It's about the time NKOTB was first discovered by all these girls, hence, the beginning shoutout "Jones Beach! 1988!" I admit, I'm a huge NKOTB fan and even I didn't really dig the song at first. But I gave it a second listen and now, i can't get enough of it! Donnie is all kinds of sexy!!

6/11/08 Pop Sugar: Pop Poll: NKOTB "Summertime" – Love It Or Leave It?

They really look like they're having fun which is great! I think this reunion will be a lot of fun for both them and their fans!

6/14/08 Tweenage Wasteland: I Hear They Had A Bunch of Hits?

It's okay to love it. I love it too. It's just really difficult to get most 20 & 30 something to take NKOTB seriously because their minds have been biased by the past. Thanks for keeping an open mind about it.


Why did Halle Berry hook up with Danny? Maybe because Danny is a genuine sweetheart and they are not superficial.

6/16/08 Binside TV: NKOTB Is Back... Why?!

Why is New Kids on the Block getting back together? I can help you with that. I've done enough research and listened to enough interviews to answer your question. NKOTB are reuniting simply for the sake of making music, the love of their fans, & having fun in life! :) I don't see any harm in that.

As big of an N'SYNC & BSB fan as you say you are, I'm surprised you are disrespecting NKOTB seeing as your bands would never have existed if it weren't for their predecessors. Lou Pearlman got the idea to form your boybands from NKOTB so it'd be cool if we all showed a little respect. NKOTB know that New Edition is THEIR predecessor and they definitely show THEM a lot of respect.

NKOTB know that they were the first bigtime U.S. boyband and they know because of that, they were the ones who had to take the fall for everyone who comes after them. They made all the right moves yet they also made all the mistakes so that bands today have it much easier. That's probably why you don't see a gazillion and one pieces of N'SYNC merchandise everywhere. That was a management issue. You can't honestly believe that NKOTB would approve of manufacturing pink slippers with their faces on it now, could you?

As a fan of NKOTB, I just wanted you to know where they are coming from. Most critics don't really take the time to do much research and start mouthing off nonsense that doesn't qualify as facts. I appreciate your curiosity and if I haven't answered your question, I hope you will still respect that NKOTB have their own agenda. They've got a surprise for the fans, something "up his sleeve" as Mark Wahlberg told us when he spoke about his brother and the reunion. Their relationship with their fans is something very special that no other band has or will ever have. It is genuine, priceless, and untouchable. I'm not sure how N'SYNC & BSB treated their fans but if they were just as great to you fans, then you must know what I mean. Thanks for listening. :)

6/17/08 Snarky Gossip: New Kids on the Block humiliate themselves on live TV

I think what’s important is that they love doing this. If they’re having fun and the fans are enjoying them, then why rain on their parade? Can’t you just let them have a good time and be cool?


Dude, calm down. There's no need to get excited. I don't think ANYONE sounds good live. But man, you sure went out of your way to find videos of them in order to prove you're not a fan. Just FYI though, Summertime is not a song for children to sing. They're talking about reminiscing back 20 years ago when they and their fans first discovered each other. That's the subtext to the song. Jordan also said Summertime is the most lightweight song on their album that will remind us of their old sound. I'm actually really looking forward to their new album and what they have to offer. New Edition was a great band but they never got as big as NKOTB. NKOTB contributes their success to New Edition. They show them respect. I think we all should do the same.

6/20/08 Jill's World: The New Kids Revival

I damn near cried reading your blog and I don't know why. I guess it's because I seek people like you, people willing to have fun in life instead of saying, "Act your age!" all the time. Thanks for keeping an open mind about it. Most tend to keep their childhood self locked up for some unknown reason. Don't they know that's what keeps you young? I'm really excited to revisit the past and am looking forward to the future. :) You know they're selling out arenas, right?

6/27/08 Quacking Wombat: NKOTB

Relax, they're just having fun and so are the fans. They've missed them for 15 YEARS, for God's sake! Plus, Summertime sounds really good. It's #1 on the Top 20 Countdown on VH1 right now. However, Summertime is going to be the only song on their album that sounds like their old music. Everything else should be much more modernized. Have you heard Click Click Click? Super sexy song.

7/2/08 Marriage Life Dogs Knitting: NKOTB

Actually, this song has subtext to it. They are talking about the time when they & their fans first discovered each other. It's a homage to their fans, to you. Hence the shout out in the beginning, "Jones Beach! 1988!" I'm sorry you're a fairweather fan but you have no idea all the things they are doing for the fans right now. So many surprises. :)

7/14/08 That's Butter: The end is nigh

I LOVE NKOTB!! Yes, they were bred from the late 80s/early 90s era but they’ve grown, matured, and yet still managed to remain kids at heart. This time around, they know what they’re doing and have a lot of surprises in store for their fans. I’m sorry not all bands love their fans as much as NKOTB loves us! :)

7/18/08 Perfect Business: Check Your Moral Barometer

Haha! Hi! Just blog hopping. You forgot one thing though: New Kids on the Block also spawned a generation of strong-minded, goodwilled, drug-free individuals! Can’t forget that! :)

7/18/08 Paige with Words: Good things come in three, Tough decisions come in two

Hi, just blog hopping. I Just wanted to let you know that actually, the song Summertime has a subtext to it. It's a homage to their fans 20 years ago when they and their fans first discovered each other. Hence the shoutout in the beginning, "Jones Beach! 1988!" Kinda like a conversation between them and us.

This song is a "knock on the door" so to speak, that they're using to tell us fans "Hey! We're here! We're back! We missed you!" And that's why the lyrics are like that and why it sounds so similar to the music they made in the past. It was done on purpose.

I assure you, the rest of their new album will be completely different. Jordan has said that Summertime is the most "pop-y" song they have that would most remind fans of what they used to sound like. Have you check out "Click Click Click?" Very smooth & sexy...

7/22/08 Super Mae: NKOTB-Back then and Now

Hello, just blog hopping. I agree with you. These men certainly have aged well. You'll never believe the things they've been doing for the fans lately. Hope you join in on the fun, get online & go to a concert! I'm going to 6 of them myself! :P

7/31/08 Pop Music Scene: NKOTB’s New Single Is ‘Single’ ft Ne-Yo Plus Artwork & Album News

Sounds great!! I wonder if they will get criticism that is unbiased this time. Their reunion plans are genius! Releasing a song that reminds us of them back in the day, and then releasing one that’s up to date that will pull up the first single? BRILLIANT!!

8/01/08 The Omega: New Kids On The Block Become Old Guys Who Can’t Rock

Thanks for letting folks know about the NKOTB Reunion but you need to just let go of your jealousy. It's been 15 LONG YEARS! The fans have missed them! Can't you be cool without raining on our parade? The reunion has become somewhat of an underground culture nowadays and I love that! We don't need any self-proclaimed music expert to lecture us on what music we should or should not be enjoying. We're grown folks and so are NKOTB. This reunion has a brilliant plan behind it and I can't wait until it unfolds. These 5 entertainment geniuses are always surprising us fans. No other band loves their fans this much.

8/03/08 Words from a Canuck: Things I've Learned

Hello, just blog hopping. Actually, Summertime's subtext is that it is a homage to their fans. They are talking about 20 years ago when they and their fans first discovered each other. Hence the shoutout at the beginning, "Jones Beach, 1988!" That was when the roller coaster began. This song is an invitation from NKOTB to their old fans to say "Let's party and have a good time." Nothing wrong with that. Their name is exactly what it is: just a name. Just like Kid Rock is not really a rock. So no, I would say that a reunion happening back them would definitely not make sense because we fans would not have had time to miss them. And no, the song is not creepy because they aren't talking about now, they're reminiscing with us, like a conversation in the song. And no, they are not too old to sing a song about the relationship they have with their fans back in the day.

It doesn't matter what song they sing because there will always be sel-proclaimed, so-called "music experts" who will criticize them for their sound, their looks or their lyrics because they can't listen with an open mind. Their new music is going to rock your socks off. I can't wait to hear it.

If I were you, I would take a second look. NKOTB were a great influence on their fans by getting them to stay away from drugs, to stay in school, and to love themselves. I could only WISH there were bands like them today which kids can look up to this way. I guess Jonas Brothers are the closests ones to date. Us NKOTB fans really lucked out to have been raised by them. Either way, their music is going to rock your socks off. Check out their new single, "Single" on youtube. Get ready... ;)

August 3, 2008 7:33 PM

Relax Beckie, no one is lecturing you here. There's no need to get excited. :) I am completely aware that not everyone will like a specific band. And thank GOD for that! I mean, who wants a society full of conformed human beings, right? Simply put, I never understood why people have to attached age to music. Music is music. I don't feel that what I did was rude. You put a blog out in public, which means people will read it. And rightly so, everyone will have an opinion. Of course I can rant all I want, it's my blog. And of course you can rant all you want, it's your opinion! But to be offended if people actually reply? Don't take it personally. I mean, you are in public here. Anyway, I'm not apologizing for giving my opinion and letting you know what Summertime is all about, just as you do not need to apologize to me for putting down a band I love. We are all different folks! Plus, I LOVE Aerosmith! They ROCK! ;)

August 4, 2008 4:14 PM

Ahhhh, I see where the problem lies. Just to clarify, I was not referring to you when I was talking about people not listening with open minds. I have been reading articles regarding this reunion since late January and believe me, the people I am referring to are the irresponsible "journalists" or "critics" so-to-speak. It was not directed towards you personally. I have commented on so many articles, blogs, videos, etc. that I do not always recall what was said. It's usually the "professional" articles that really bug me because they are constantly putting down the fans for simply being fans. For that, I will apologize since you thought I was referring to you alone. If you don't believe me, check my blog entry from 6/7/08.

August 4, 2008 5:57 PM

8/04/08 Meandering Seminarian: New Kids on the Block. They are so back.

Hi! Just blog hopping! My friend Marc LOVES the New Kids!! He's a 20-yr old straight guy! So does my friend Chuck, who's around 30 & also straight! And also going to the concert!! Thanks for showing them some love, Ryan! Don't forget to check out their new single, "Single" featuring Ne-Yo!

8/06/08 MN Speak: Where the insane NKOTB fans at?

Just to make a correction on the comments, Donnie Wahlberg did not set any hotels on fire. Those women were exaggerating & making assumptions. He was only playing with a fire extinguisher. The smoke that those women saw were from that fire extinguisher.

»» Submitted by »»» miss_ava at 10:08 AM on August

You can't trust anyone these days, but know this: trust only the diehard down NKOTB fans. We're tired of all the bashing and all the same lame jokes, so we'll either ignore it, or battle it. NKOTB fans know more than you think. We're just not saying so. ;)

»» Submitted by »»» miss_ava at 5:04 PM on August 6

8/08/08 The Sun: 'When this ends we'll be in our more comebacks'

I am thoroughly enjoying this reunion, I must say. The New Kids were more than just a teenage sensation for us fans. For me, they were the ones who raised me at a time when it mattered the most. I even have "I3NKOTB" as my license plate on my car!

Thank you for writing this article about them. Their positive influence on me will stay with me throughout the years. That "positivity" will always be what I associate them with, in addition to childhood memories, carefree days, and puppy love smiles. There's nothing wrong with reminiscing, especially when you have your childhood influence reminiscing alongside with you.

Later on that day...

CouldCareLess, thanks for your opinion but when I don't care about an article, I wouldn't even bother to comment. Couldn't you just let us fans enjoy this without raining on our parade? We've missed them for 15 long years! Cmon, there's no need to get down to the immature level of childish name-calling. Be cool, yah?

8/18/08 Daily Fiasco: New Block, Same Kids

Midlife guys? So original, I’m sure. Why are you so bitter about this? He’s just celebrating his birthday. Why would I hang myself? Then I’d miss out on all the great reunion events going on with the New Kids on the Block! It’s just a name. Relax. And why poke fun at the name of their new song? They’re aren’t the first music artist to have a song named “Single.” Natasha Bedingfield released a song with the same title just a few years ago. Why don’t you go cap on her about it because that’s news.

8/18/08 Just Talking It Up: “Divorce is not great, and neither are the New Kids on the Block”

I’m a huge New Kids on the Block fan and just to point something out, Donnie’s marriage was already dissolving before the whole NKOTB reunion idea even entered the scene. He’s still getting over it. Leave them alone.

8/20/08 Heckler Spray: Donnie Wahlberg (You Know, The Less Attractive Wahlberg) Not Hanging So Tough with Marriage

Donnie’s marriage was already dissolving before the NKOTB reunion idea entered the scene. Seems you’re reporting incorrect facts.

8/22/08 Suzie McLean: NKOTB: I’ll be loving you forever *lol*

Hi! Just blog hopping. Just wanted to say that a lot of people think it’s mostly Ne-Yo but if you listen carefully, you’ll hear that it’s actually Joe & Ne-Yo, 50/50. Crazy, huh?? I LOVE that song!!

8/22/08 Chizmizan Chuva: Jonathan Knight of NKOTB (New Kids On The Block) Gay?!

He can’t “come out” if he’s not in the closet. This is just a rumor.

8/24/08 The Green Kat: who I am and who you see

Just to make a slight correction, Donnie's birthday just passed last Sunday. He is 39 now and their album comes out September 2nd, not 9th. I just love that they are not boys anymore, they are MEN. Sexy, hot, and genuine. They're just having fun with life, no harm in that. :) Check out their latest single, "Single" featuring Ne-Yo. Video will be out soon...

8/27/08 Idolator: New Kids On The Block Will Probably Not Have A Bunch More Hits

If they sound like their old music, you'll say it's outdated. When they sound like today's music, you'll say they're trying to be someone else. Critics; just another word for cynics.

8/30/08 Miss Attitude: Forget pimping the new NKOTB CD.. just tell us.. is Jonathan Knight gay?

I don’t think he’s gay. Perez is an idiot for forcing people to out themselves, especially when this isn’t even true. Any diehard fan could tell you. And Jon kissing his boyfriend in public?? Jon’s not even a PDA type of person. I love their songs “Big Girl Now,” “Click Click Click” and “Put It On My Tab.” Try a listen at those :)

8/30/08 Monsters and Critics: NKOTB: No new fans

I agree. You are taking Donnie's words out of context and twisting it. The New Kids on the Block LOVE their fans!! You should hear the stories that fans tell! They're amazing and treat us like old friends. Please don't start subjective rumors about them. They love any fans they can get but of course they would start their tour off with the old fans. This reunion is one big party! Who else would they invite first if not their old fans?

9/01/08 AntiQuiet: OMG NKOTB WTF?

September 1st, 2008 at 2:45 PM

I’m sorry you feel this way about their new album but just out of curiosity, exactly what were you expecting? Songs where they still belt out sappy crooning? Or dance songs that make you want to break out your New Kids jacket and start dancing like Tiffany? I understand that you don’t like it but I’m just wondering what kind of album you were hoping they would have because there were people who said they shouldn’t have done a new album and should have just stuck with the old stuff when they reunited. However, they still have something to say and this album proves they ARE a band and it is all about their hard work. This is perhaps the last album they will ever put out before completely retiring and if you don’t like it, that’s fine, but it still deserves some respect, don’t you think? After all, these guys were seen as manufactured puppets for years and still are to some. For me, this album proves everyone wrong. I certainly trust that they know what they’re doing. Besides, this reunion is for the fans of old. If new ones want to join, welcome to the party!! But please don’t rain on our parade.

September 3rd, 2008 at 12:15 AM

gl0balvizi0n, I would have to say that for a group that has not done music together in 15 years, the end product came out quite well. If this product came out from a group who has been putting out music constantly, I might be able to see your point of view. However, to call all the hard work they have been putting into this project is highly disrespectful. All the artists who have collaborated with them are treating the project with the exact same respect the fans give this group. Donnie is credited as songwriter in 80% of the album. They have a top notch record management company that believes in their reunion 110%. What exactly makes it, for the lack of a better word, “crap?”

9/01/08 Hip Online: New Kids on the Block - The Block - review

1. “Bounce for me/bounce for me” is actually “Pose for me/pose for me.”
2. NKOTB doesn’t even look at PICTURES of teenage girls. What makes you think they were SINGING to them?
3. Why should they give the song to Chris Brown? Are you implying that you’re being biased against the song JUST because NKOTB sang it? I think you just revealed the irrelevance of your credibility.
4. Where in the music industry is a pop group required to produce a superstar our of one of the members?
5. “Who cares?” Maybe the 4000+ fans in New York on 5/16/08 camping out in the street for them care.

This reunion was never meant for you. It would be professional of you to do some research prior to writing this review. “Summertime” was never intended to reinvent anything. It is a song that pays homage to their fans. It is about the summer of 1988 when they and their fans first discovered each other. This is the subtext to it. Anything they are doing now is all because of the fans. They have a team of people who do research on what the fans want. So whatever they are doing, it’s because the fans wanted it. The fans wanted to see them bring back their old dance moves, their voices, their comraderie, their existence as a unit, etc. The New Kids on the Block were more than just a pop group. They meant a lot to their fans in terms of their upbringing, their influence, their personality, their childhood, their memories, etc. They will always be attached to a time when life was easier and we were all carefree. It is that exact feeling that they bring back to us that make us love them, not to mention the love that they show back to the fans. I can explain everything to you but you could never know. Thanks for the review but I think I’ll look to someone who has some merit.

9/02/08 Associated Content: New Kids on the Block Tickets Hail Boy Band Reunion in Earnest

I think the album is about to slap all the critics in the FACE! I just purchased it and seriously, it gets you movin!! I was a little skeptical at first but damn. I LOVE the song, "Big Girl Now" with Lady GaGa and "Full Service" with New Edition!! This album has a little bit of everything: the veterans of music, the ladies of new sound, a hint of nostalgia, and ALL LOVE!! So no, I would say that it doesn't seem like they're retiring any time soon, Angie. (Thank God!!) By the way, NKOTB taught us well back in the day. We're donating money to the Red Cross in their name. What are YOU doing for the hurricane victims, Angie?

9/02/08 Chronicle Times: From the Midway:Old solders never die; they just fade away

Hello Mr. Leckband,

I read your satirical article about your so-called "war" against the New Kids on the Block reunion and I have to say that there is a bigger picture you seem to have overlooked. I don't know who your "friends" are who were fighting this war but the thing is, it doesn't sound like you’re a big fan of pop culture and you & your friends are trying to kill it. It seems quite difficult for you to accept that everyone is different and we will enjoy whatever music we want to enjoy. Why are you making such a subjective assumption that the younger generation needs you to fight this war for them? Did they ask you to? I would highly suggest you include your qualifications if that were the case.

Back then, when NKOTB came out, they were more than just music to their fans. They were their positive outlet, their positive influence, and their retreat. They raised us to be strong, independent, & drug-free individuals. They taught us that it's okay if we don't want to give in to peer pressure. Their messages cradled us and kept us out of trouble rather than the latter grunge bands that came in and made it normal to do drugs and commit suicide for fun. Is that the type of influence you want for your children?

I also noticed that you failed to mention the war that they were fighting on their own. Where is the mention of how it was due to all the merchandising conglomerates, the money hungry management companies, and every tom, dick & harry who was trying to make money off of the New Kids that were the ones who created the "system" that supposedly "forced" this music down your throats? I'm sorry but the last time I checked, it was a free country and if you didn't want to listen to certain music, you change the station. You don't need to make a big fuss and write a public article, whining like a baby, pretending you have an imaginary war to fight and trying to put down a band that has given their fans nothing but love, respect, and shelter. I believe there are more important matters at hand than your little war. For example, how about the hurricane? How about writing about that? Or how about writing about us well-taught NKOTB fans who are donating money in NKOTB’s name to the Red Cross because that’s what the New Kids taught us? Is your war against their reunion REALLY more important than lives of thousands who are about to be homeless, suffering, or dead? Your credibility as a “solder” is diminishing in my eyes further and further as I write.

I highly doubt the younger generation will be negatively affected by this reunion. I'll bet you didn't even bother to do any research about this reunion and are just making blind accusations towards them, their fans & their good intentions. If anything, the New Kids have fought enough wars with self-proclaimed music experts like you and at this point in time, they really don't care WHAT you say. You can complain all you want, fight as hard as you can, and protest as much as your heart desires. Fact is, they have something to say and if you don't want to listen, THAT is where you’re supposed to write, “Who cares?” They certainly don’t. You were never invited to the reunion in the first place so it’d be best if you just stayed out of the way.



9/03/08 Radar Online: The Block - New Kids on the Block

Hmmm. It's funny. Critics used to knock them for singing music that's too "immature." Now, when they write an honest & personal album with a more mature theme & you knock them for singing music that's too "skeezy."

Why don't you just tell the truth and say that the only reason you don't like it is because your subjective opinion on New Kids on the Block is biased rather than pretending it's coming from an actual professional & neutral POV?

9/03/08 Can I Please Just Say: New Kids on the Block.. my thoughts

Hi, just blog hopping. I agree with you to a certain extent. NKOTB didn't give the best performance on The View but if you think about it, they have never performed perfectly during their live concerts anyway. So, this brings me to thinking, "Wow, they haven't changed at all! I LOVE IT!!"

Moreover, I have to tell you, NKOTB are loved not always for their music but for who they are as people. They've raised a wonderful generation of fans to grow up right. It is for THAT reason that we still love them and not necessarily for their music. Have you listened to their new album? It's not anything groundbreaking but for a group that hasn't done music together in 15 years, I'd have to say this album is their best yet, considering it's so danceable, personal & honest. Check out "Big Girl Now" or "Full Service." Both of those songs are knockin my socks off. They worked very hard on this album and this project has been and should be treated with a lot of respect by fans & critics alike.

9/06/08 Coastal Surfing: New Kids On The Block - Need a Name Change

Actually, I’ve heard their new album. Sounds more like grown men making grown music. Nothing at all like their old stuff from their producer. They’ve matured and moved on from their teeny bopper stuff and so should the critics. Their album is #1 right now in Teen Pop, R&B, and Dance&DJ on and the album only came out 4 days ago.

If Joe really said that, I’m sure he was making a joke. They’re such goofballs and they really know how to have fun. The history for the KISS concert is that they were supposed to do their very last concert there 14 years ago but they never did because they disbanded so it was kinda left hanging. So, for them to perform there now, as one of their first concerts after reuniting, makes it all come full circle. I can see why he would be tickled pink. :) They’re veterans in this industry. I’m sure they know what they’re doing. They put a lot of hard work into this reunion and everyone involved, including Ne-Yo, New Edition, Lady GaGa, Polow da Don, Akon, and Pussycat Dolls is treating it with well-deserved respect.

9/08/08 Digital Spy: New Kids On The Block: 'The Block'

Actually, they've mentioned in multiple interviews that they've made this album quite personal and honest this time around. It's relevant to what's going on in their lives right now. They released Summertime as their first single because they wanted to invite their fans back to the party and remind them of what they used to sound like before releasing what they sound like now. I thought it was a brilliant idea because they have captured a lot of fans from the younger generation as well. This is a great dance album and I can see why it is selling so well on Amazon under its appropriate categories. My 5 stars is also for the album.

9/09/08 LAist: New Album on the Block, Daughters Lock Up Your Mothers

I like your review. Very neutral. Fans aren't expecting everyone to convert or anything. Just to give it a chance, as if they are a whole new group. Essentially, they are the NEW New Kids on the Block in my eyes. They've strayed from their bubblegum teeny bopper image and so should the critics. Thanks! And I do love how you put it.."now we're going to have sex." Soon-to-be classic quote regarding this album. haha!!

9/09/08 Jossip: New Kids on the Block Hit Upon Least Sensical Money-Making Scheme of All Time

It's inevitable. They HAD to reunite!! The fans were ready! If you had done your research like a professional journalist would, you would have found that they didn't reunite for the money. Donnie was initially financing the album himself. HIMSELF!! Does that sound like they need the money to you? Although nostalgia does play a role in this reunion, it is not the main attraction here. It's about the music, the hard work, and the party that all of us fans are invited to. None of them need to do this reunion. Donnie just found a song and they all liked it and decided to record it. Fans began reacting to the reunion rumors and everything started falling into its proper place. The end product? An amazing dance album, probably their best album to date, in my opinion. What's wrong with living life to the fullest and taking a stroll down memory lane? They're just having fun and so are the fans. Please keep your negativity to yourself and stop raining on our parade.

Posted: Sep 9, 2008 at 4:56 pm

LogopolosMike, that was one of the most immature & harebrained cluster of words I have ever read. I can't believe you're so bored but actually cared enough to take the time to type all that nonsense out. Ell oh ell.
Posted: Sep 9, 2008 at 5:03 pm

9/10/08 E! Online: New Kids Can't Block the Jeezy

Wed, Sep 10, 2008, 1:07 PM

For a group that hasn't been doing music for 15 years, I'd say #2 is pretty **** AMAZING! I'm sure it's probably NOT a great sign that the younger generation today have Young Jeezy to look up to. Thank GOD our generation had New Kids on the Block to guide us properly.

Wed, Sep 10, 2008, 2:22 PM

Criticism is a part of show business? Really? I wasn't aware of that! Thank you, andi! Yes, us fans were not aware that New Kids on the Block ever get criticized. By this article, I thought they could just report the numbers and be done with it but no, they had to compare a group who has been out of the music industry for 15 years to an artist who's been in the industry all this time and imply that the group failed to get up to the top. Hmm, who knew the fans would actually think that's unfair? And we know not everyone will like their new album. I'm sure they know it too. Thanks for your profundity.

Wed, Sep 10, 2008, 4:19 PM

Haha!! The NKOTB critics are hardcore bitter about them being on the chart and the NKOTB fans are are hardcore about them being dissed! Let's face it, put critics in a room with a bunch of NKOTB fans, those critics would get their eyes clawed out. NKOTB have come a long way and I commend them for getting so far to the top after being gone so long. You gotta admit, if there was no Young Jeezy, NKOTB would be #1! And the fans are much more mature and grown so there's no discrediting there. NKOTB fans win, hands down!

9/12/08 Orlando Sentinel: New Kids on the Block **

I disagree. This album had me movin' and groovin' wherever I'm playing it! I have the deluxe album playing at work all day long. For a group that hasn't been in the music industry for the last 15 years, this album is a sure sign of how talented these guys are. I think people should listen without expectations and keep an open mind about it. It's a GREAT DANCE ALBUM and much more mature than their bubblegum pop stuff you like so much.

9/14/08 411 Mania: New Kids On The Block - The Block Review

I'd like to say thank GOD they didn't do an album like the ones they had back in the day! What happened to Step by Step? It's been done. Why would we want another one? Moving along...

I absolutely LOVE The Block! These guys are older, wiser, sexier, and HOTTER than they ever were!! Sounds like you have a lot of discrimination against their age. I don't see what their age has to do with music. Since when did people stop thinking about sex after 30? They may have gotten older but so have their fans and we love their new sound. This album is actually very honest and personal to the group. If you had done your research, you'd know the profundity of the songs.

My opinion on Full Service? The beat is kickin! I love the gas station references. It's hilarious! The guys really have a great sense of humor. It was always their dream to collaborate on a song with the predecessors, New Edition. "Full Service" is a perfect blend of pop from NKOTB and R&B from New Edition. It's understandable if you don't like it. A lot of people think, "New Kids on the Block? Their music's so cheesy & dated!" However, I've read plenty of valid reviews where people who did not like their old sound had listened to this album with an open mind, without discriminating against them and they found it to be fairly decent. The beats are danceable, the voicework is clean, the synths are current, the harmonies are stacked, and "all the song are strategically placed...they're set up to succeed." (Donnie Wahlberg 9/6/08) They've done just that.

I'm not implying that everyone should love this album. Far from it. But I think people should listen to the album at least 2 times, and both times without knowing who the artist is, then review it, and THEN, be told who it is. I bet you'll be surprised by the answers.

Posted By: Ava (Guest) on September 14, 2008 at 05:15 PM

hellboysetsfire, Jordan Knight is too humble of a person to be writing about himself and their own music like this. Any fan would know this. Don't pretend you know him.

Posted By: Ava (Guest) on September 15, 2008 at 12:52 PM

9/16/08 Bostonist: New Kids On "The Block" Should've Grown Up a Little

I love this album. Why is everyone acting surprised that they're older? Well of COURSE they're older! I'M older! I'm sorry but does "Big Woman" sound better? I'd have to give that a big thumbs down. I don't really need to read so deeply into the lyrics. It's true that the album is a lot more personal and honest to the New Kids this time around but at the same time, I will always remember that their songs are fun to listen to. If people take them too seriously, then they won't "get it." Their little references will always remind me that their sense of humor is hilarious! I don't need them to teach me any lifelong lessons through song. They already taught me plenty of those when we were both younger. Today, I just want to be entertained and I am.

I'm surprised that you're surprised this album has a sex-themed tone to it considering that's pretty much what most songs sound like nowadays. The best thing about this album is that it really shows how versatile they can be, but they chose to stick with their signature. They've ALWAYS sung about girls. I love that about them. I don't expect them to go around singing about anything else but. Besides, a lot of their fans like that their songs seem to speak only to them.

My favorites are "Big Girl Now," "Full Service," "2 in the Morning," and "Sexify My Love." Critics will always say what they want to say. I'm so tired of the whole "Act your age!" scolding from all the critics. They started out as a boyband(who usually sing about girls) so why should they change? And can you guarantee me if they went a completely different direction in music, that critics won't scoff?

I don't expect everyone to love the album. Hey, not even all the fans love it! It just bothers me when people tag them on their age or say that their lyrics are "creepy." Let's not forget the queen Madonna prancing around in her underwear with Justin Timberlake or Mariah Carey telling her 27 yr old husband to touch her 38 yr old body. Eith way, the fact lies herein that they've already accomplished something I've always hoped they'd accomplish, which is that their good name, New Kids on the Block, can still come out on top these days.

9/18/08 TC Daily Skiff: Review: New Kids on the Block should stay in the 90s

Hmm, I disagree. I don't feel objectified at all. Imagine: a guy telling a girl that he'll give her full service, be her boyfriend at a club so she doesn't have to be alone, put her drink on his tab, that she's so beautiful he just wants to stop and take a mental picture of her beauty, that he likes the way she moves her body, that he thinks about the time they first met, that he could stare at her forever, that he'll give her heaven while they mess up the sheets...

There doesn't seem to be an end to where he is just wanting to take care of the girl. Puppy love used to be their signature theme. Today, I'd much rather prefer something sexier from them, and I got just that from this album. I love that it's so easy to dance & groove to. Can't wait for the concert!

9/18/08 E College Times: NKOTB's new album isn't even worth the cheap laughs

So what should they say? Woman? Let's see here... "You're a big woman now..." Hmmm, in your mind, does that REALLY sound better? Say that to your girlfriend and see what kind of reaction you get. I noticed you didn't mention their uses of "pretty mama" or "ladies." Maybe you were listening to this album, looking for reasons to hate it. Honestly, if you're old enough to known Jodeci, you're old enough to know that this reunion should be treated with respect.

Normally, I would respect any criticism of the album as long as it was unbiased and reviewed with an open mind. However, your article seems to be full of predetermined ridicule and an oblique age discrimination tone from the very firs sentence. I already knew what I was about to read seeing as it's the same thing most other prejudicial critic has said. Yes, this album is sexually charged. Believe it or not, but people over 30 do have sex. I can't believe you still want them to be singing about the right stuff or please don't go girl. Like "Donnie says, "Get your mind right."

Less pizazz...have you seen them in concert already? I'd bet $5000 that you haven't, which is about how much money I've spent on this reunion. How can you expect me to remain a teenybopper? I'm hardly a soccer mom here neither. More like a professional young adult who's got the dollars to spend to have fun with the New Kids in Vegas while you're still stuck writing college articles about albums you're obviously being "forced" to listen to.

I don't think they've "assaulted" intelligence nor pop culture at all. With all the money they're making, I'd say they're pretty sharp! They will always be a part of pop culture and now, they are rewriting their story. No one else will be the one to write the end of their story but them. These guys are more than brilliant business men. They've made their mistakes and learned from them. From the looks of how the reunion is going and how much excitement they are generating, they are ALSO PURE GENIUSES.

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